Your vessel is your precious asset. If you wish for your vessel to meet you in a different port, a professional yacht delivery may be for you. Captain Dan Zwerg will carefully plan the voyage and work with you in advance to be sure the vessel is read to go. Most importantly, he will treat your vessel as if it were his own. This means the vessel will be in excellent condition upon arrival, clean, and ready for you.

If additional crew members are needed, Captain Dan Zwerg will select them based on experience and qualifications. Alcoholic drinks during the trip are out of the question. Our personnel are good managers with the right attitudes and are able to manage the crew and vessel in all situations.

An extensive equipment list will be discussed with the owner. Where necessary, the equipment will be adjusted in consultation. We make sure all required documents are available upon our departure. A visual inspection of your yacht is one of our standard procedures at the day of departure. We leave nothing to chance.

The trip:
Taking the weather predictions into account, our route is as direct as possible. On board, the crew is constantly keeping watch, the sails are adjusted as necessary, and minor problems are corrected. Crew is on scheduled shifts, the log is kept, and the ship is neatly maintained. The owner is regularly kept informed of the position of his/her yacht and the well being of all on board.

Sailing Along:
If desired, you may sail with the delivery team! This way you get a lot of experience and you can support the crew during the voyage.

The boat will be immaculately cleaned upon delivery. Perishable goods will be removed, the tanks filled up, the log signed off and the VIR (Vessel Improvement report) will be handed over to the owner. The crew then goes quickly to the closest airport for the trip home.